Welcome to the research group of Dr Nacho Martin-Fabiani, based in the Department of Materials at Loughborough University, UK.

We are passionate about soft materials – such as polymers or liposomes – which find use in paints, adhesives, inks, or cosmetics. We are interested in the fundamental science that lies underneath the development and application process of these products. We also add nanomaterials to these soft systems to impart certain properties such as antibacterial, abrasion resistant, or antireflective.

Although Physicists at heart, our work is multidisciplinary and therefore we collaborate thoroughly with Chemists, Microbiologists, and Engineers.

A funded PhD position in the group is available in competition with other applicants to the School. If interested, please apply here mentioning the project “Next-generation antibacterial surfaces” and Ignacio Martin-Fabiani as the research supervisor.

We also have a self-funded PhD position to develop machine learning methods for materials design, please apply here

We do not currently have any postdoctoral positions open. If you wish to apply to a fellowship scheme, Dr Martin-Fabiani would be pleased to discuss such applications and can assist in writing one for research areas related to those of the group. Informal enquiries may be addressed to Dr Martin-Fabiani (i.martin-fabiani@lboro.ac.uk).

We acknowledge funding from the following bodies: